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James Charles and more speak out on the tragic passing of gamer and vlogger Desmond Amofah, who was found deceased a week after going missing.
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Remembering Etika: DEwomenrs React to His Death | E! News

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Thomas Maxwell
Thomas Maxwell Vor 11 Stunden
Rest In Peace, also while a tragedy who was this guy I never heard of him before?
Sukira Miru
Sukira Miru Vor 11 Stunden
Desmond was a good man who wanted to leave a good legacy. He doesn't want those with suicidal thoughts to end their story. I want to see him again so badly. So so badly guys...
professorSAUL Vor 11 Stunden
I'm crying
Alex Games
Alex Games Vor 11 Stunden
Let's all agree that if imjaystation makes a video contacting Etika we will report his channel
Teddy Mattix
Teddy Mattix Vor 11 Stunden
wut this is the first im hearing about his death... why did he kill himself?
RiceBae Vor 11 Stunden
Why does this feel like a cash grab :/ Rip Etika you will be missed by so many. Your influence is not be looked over and im sorry you ever felt this way.
Mango Draws
Mango Draws Vor 11 Stunden
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 ♥️You ARE important♥️
lolicon succ
lolicon succ Vor 11 Stunden
First I didn't believe that Etika died, but now I researched it and it is true, RIP Etika, you'll be missed
Arrtttuurri Vor 11 Stunden
I just wonder, what must have gone trough his head to push him over the edge. Rip Etika
Jaden Perry
Jaden Perry Vor 11 Stunden
DEwomen is lowkey toxic and it did it to itself👎🏾
Joseph Dante Riley
Joseph Dante Riley Vor 11 Stunden
E news Etika news
Get ads OFF
Mansoor Haque
Mansoor Haque Vor 11 Stunden
Now i am sad.Watched few of his videos.He was such a nice guy.
loopba Vor 11 Stunden
Nobody’s cares
Maximillian Mus
Maximillian Mus Vor 11 Stunden
Don’t judge me but please summarize what actually happened. *I’m confused* 🤷‍♂️😢
Mikeyy Vor 11 Stunden
Remove ads now
Jonathan Heredia
Jonathan Heredia Vor 11 Stunden
Etika, I'm gonna miss you! Thank you for everything and thanks for being a good friend! Rest in Peace to Etika!
Skepty Vor 11 Stunden
Rip etika! BTW u guys deleted my comment about ads
HiMyNameIs Vor 11 Stunden
Nerddy Charm
Nerddy Charm Vor 11 Stunden
DEwomen will Demonerize, Age Restrict and Strike creators for posting about matters like suicide, death, and mental health but will let the media post about it and monetize it all they want! There is no double standard.
officialyungrich Vor 11 Stunden
Probably he had beef with someone and got shot in New York when you get problems your as better get ready to fight or get pop
Xavier Bair
Xavier Bair Vor 11 Stunden
Lorena Quintanilla
Lorena Quintanilla Vor 11 Stunden
Rip he WILL be missed now I am going to leave to go cry a little more
chickenislitterallyhere Vor 11 Stunden
F for a god rip etika
Hitori_ gun
Hitori_ gun Vor 11 Stunden
His fans and the media is responsible for his death.
Joeyvicious Vor 11 Stunden
Joseph Mulligan
Joseph Mulligan Vor 11 Stunden
If your just saying that Etika died, and don’t make a tribute or something, you shouldn’t monetize this video.
Neohydra64 Vor 11 Stunden
Anyone who takes part in this channel are garbage human beings. Go to hell
Goop Bloop
Goop Bloop Vor 11 Stunden
Absolute GOD-TIER LEGEND. Rest In Peace, brother, I love you.
DankEm Boiii
DankEm Boiii Vor 11 Stunden
He's up there, playing smash with his switch, and with Iwata too..
A G D Vor 11 Stunden
Don’t turn ads off, donate all the ad sense to suicide prevention charity
Leo Vor 11 Stunden
DEwomen. we demand justice. a random, monetized video from a large company to show off a youtuber you had a hand in ruining. YOU chose to put this video up here youtube. if you think this is showing your condolences THEN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING. not this. not now. not when its too late.
Rūku Uchiha
Rūku Uchiha Vor 11 Stunden
You people disgust me making content off of his death.
phresh Vor 11 Stunden
youtubers is such a disgusting community, not even knowing one another yet profiting from each other deaths
Groundhog X
Groundhog X Vor 11 Stunden
Everyone needs to chill out about the monetization. Television channels like E! Don’t get monetized through the DEwomen partnership. Their same sponsors that run ads on their television network handle the DEwomen ads as well. Same with shows like Jimmy Fallon and Conan..
Crunchy Napkin
Crunchy Napkin Vor 11 Stunden
This broke my heart, Etika I used to watch you when I was in a struggle with mental health. You just had a happy, crazy vibe. Been with you since the Wii U announcement reaction. I will never forget you. I love you Desmond.
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry Vor 11 Stunden
Yung oof
Yung oof Vor 11 Stunden
You will be remembered Desmond
Joshua Nyangau
Joshua Nyangau Vor 11 Stunden
Can I have your switch
Seagull 78
Seagull 78 Vor 11 Stunden
Did they take the ads off? Everyone's commenting about ads, but I don't see any
etsu nurma
etsu nurma Vor 11 Stunden
Thank you, DEwomen. Although this isn’t ideal, what with our wanting his original channel and suicide video to be put back up not following through, it’s still really good to see Edit: After watching the video, I’m really upset they didn’t show the video, nor did they actually show the hundreds of thousands of comments fans and family have been leaving, NOR the charities people are donating to to help suicide prevention.
oink goespiggy
oink goespiggy Vor 11 Stunden
Nintendo NEEDS to do something to commemorate Etika RIP
Matt McMahon
Matt McMahon Vor 11 Stunden
I am so disappointed in some people. It’s not hard to realize when you go too far. To all the people who thought, “oh it’s a just a joke stop being so sensitive and crap”. It’s not a joke to everyone, one mans joke is another mans cause of death. Etika was a great man, his content inspired kids to do whatever they wanted to. And to hear this unfortunate news and to really step back and consider what people might have said to this poor man in his struggles. It’s heartbreaking, it truly is. It’s not hard to try and understand someone’s struggles. But it is hard to realize your mistake after it’s to late. The human race NEEDS to man up and face our mistakes. Or we will keep losing great, innocent people. R.I.P etika, i’ll miss you. 😔
MoreThem Vor 11 Stunden
You better turn those ads off there’s a reason you hid the likes/dislikes
Chris Cozort
Chris Cozort Vor 11 Stunden
Everybody on here are literally crying over a DEwomen star, why are we never crying for babies who get murdered or us going over all over the world killing & destroying countries for our own political gain? How come we don’t cry for that?
J Vor 11 Stunden
People are getting mad and don’t get me wrong even though I didn’t watch him much, I still knew him from basically him being associated with almost anything smash bros. But they’re journalists it’s what they’re supposed to do.
MegaManMari Vor 11 Stunden
I thought they would disable comments so I accidentally threw out my popcorn
LuigiTheSnicker Vor 11 Stunden
I feel so bad right now I can't believe this happened... I just want to talk to him one last time but i'm too late R.I.P Ekita You will always be remembered in our hearts
Beavispdx Vor 11 Stunden
What’s an Etika and is she a tranny?
Panda395 Vor 11 Stunden
Panda 「AMVS」
Panda 「AMVS」 Vor 11 Stunden
*Tengo diarrea*
TrickShottasUnited -_-
TrickShottasUnited -_- Vor 11 Stunden
Ducky Dad
Ducky Dad Vor 11 Stunden
Go to heaven, Etika
Absolute MadLad
Absolute MadLad Vor 11 Stunden
you know its bad when you turn off dislikes
Nurse Kimberly
Nurse Kimberly Vor 11 Stunden
You forgot to say alleged and allegedly every other word. So is it verified him?
Tide Pod Pad Thai
Tide Pod Pad Thai Vor 11 Stunden
i've literally never heard of him before have I just been living under a rock
Forenzyx Vor 11 Stunden
Watched him for 5 years... This is tough...
steven27579 Vor 11 Stunden
Rip Brother
Hyper Denalop
Hyper Denalop Vor 11 Stunden
When I heard that etika is no longer alive I was so sad. I have been watching etika for years. Rest In Peace :(
Panda 「AMVS」
Panda 「AMVS」 Vor 11 Stunden
F en el chat shavales.
Panda 「AMVS」
Panda 「AMVS」 Vor 11 Stunden
Pyrogue Vor 11 Stunden
Take this as an example. Anyone who has mental health issues, need to be regularly checked and advised by professionals.
GG RELOADED Vor 11 Stunden
You guys are aware that even when they report this on TV there are Ads right? It's scummy but that's how it works.
MarylandMan77 Vor 11 Stunden
Arcaneus Umbra
Arcaneus Umbra Vor 11 Stunden
When they hide the likes/dislikes because everyone is pissed that they're monetizing the video and they know it's wrong
Landon Alizzi
Landon Alizzi Vor 11 Stunden
R.i.p legend
Your friendly Neighborhood punk
Your friendly Neighborhood punk Vor 11 Stunden
Rip mate
Naughtysauce Vor 11 Stunden
South Text
South Text Vor 11 Stunden
the only that's ever been on trending that deserves #1
Retierashia Vor 11 Stunden
Also they removed ads. Thank god, they do show respect.
Robin King
Robin King Vor 11 Stunden
Get this filth off of Desmond's Site, He deserves much more than you to profit off the passing of truly one of the most influential youtubers in the small niche of the Nintendo community.
Muzammil Usmani
Muzammil Usmani Vor 11 Stunden
Have moment of silence for Etika.
Addison Machann
Addison Machann Vor 11 Stunden
You all are trash cans for leeching off the death of Etika. Shame on all of you.
Greenherring 10
Greenherring 10 Vor 11 Stunden
Why do people care about ads it's not a big deal.
C1utch lol
C1utch lol Vor 11 Stunden
Find yt putting ads in this video BUT THEY REMOVED ETIKAS VIDEO
Timothy Bolden
Timothy Bolden Vor 11 Stunden
Why are we giving our time about people that kill themselves? We’re going in the wrong direction people
JP Vor 11 Stunden
Small detail a lot of news outlets arent reporting. Etika's actual main channel had 800k+ subsribers before it got terminated late last year. He then made two channels more after that, and one of those got terminated. The 100k+ figure was from the channel that wasnt terminated.
John Kalin
John Kalin Vor 11 Stunden
So is etika getting a tombstone infront of the headquarters or is this some sort of sick alternative to see etika on #1 Trending?
Retierashia Vor 11 Stunden
Rest In Peace Etika. I’ll miss you so much.
Admiral Kuroh
Admiral Kuroh Vor 11 Stunden
Some of these youtubers don't even know or care about etika. A week ago they was posting "etika gone crazy again" memes and was laughing at him.
That guy Who writes his own opinions
That guy Who writes his own opinions Vor 11 Stunden
I don’t care about this guy.
Layla Smith
Layla Smith Vor 11 Stunden
Arugaki A
Arugaki A Vor 11 Stunden
Take all of those ads off, and don't profit over Etika's death. The disrespect.
The Liquid Fire
The Liquid Fire Vor 11 Stunden
Im so sorry for etika 🖤🖤🖤
bosschanga Vor 11 Stunden
Rip etika
RIS12 Vor 11 Stunden
Bro I found out about this guy a couple weeks ago. I’m just now hearing about his death. I feel so bad
h a l l i e e n i c o l e
h a l l i e e n i c o l e Vor 11 Stunden
So where were these people when he needed them the most? They could have helped him or gotten him help.
max video
max video Vor 11 Stunden
Hey! How is This @t
POOLBOY Willis Vor 11 Stunden
Look at Enews sucking on DEwomens Di#&
Asshole By Nature
Asshole By Nature Vor 11 Stunden
Didn't know the dude at all and never heard of him but man what a tragic story. May he rest in peace. I'm assuming he was struggling with demons inside and unfortunately got the best of him. Mental health is a serioud issue my people never let it be unheard of. Reach out if you are struggling, there's no shame. It's ok. I'd rather y'all to be alive and getting the help y'all need than bottle it in and kamikaze yourself. Rest in Peace Desmond🙏🔥💯
HamiltonOW Vor 11 Stunden
they disabled likes and dislikes cuz it would pass rewind this is fucked up using a mans death for his personal gain this is how youtube is looking like 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Katie Vor 11 Stunden
I have no idea who this is
HedgehogZombies Vor 11 Stunden
I dont get people, once someone important dies they want to profit from it? That is just cruel.
Gabe P
Gabe P Vor 11 Stunden
Who the fk is etika? Notice how it says "youtubers react" (besides family)no one else knows who this kid was, nor does anyone else care. My condolences, but its the sad truth.
Jonathan Torres
Jonathan Torres Vor 11 Stunden
HOW DARE YOU PUT A PRICE ON A LIFE. Shame on DEwomen for taking down Etikas last video but allowing in our faces for this company to report his death and GAIN from it.
Piero Echandia
Piero Echandia Vor 11 Stunden
Jerry G
Jerry G Vor 11 Stunden
RIP Etika 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Jim Law
Jim Law Vor 11 Stunden
R.I.P. Etika, Joycon Boyz forever 😔
Enroaching Entei
Enroaching Entei Vor 11 Stunden
Dr. Strange Bat
Dr. Strange Bat Vor 11 Stunden
I will never forget Etika's reactions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailers. I'm sad that this man's gone, but he will not be forgotten.
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