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The Game and The Animal will settle the score on The Grandest Stage of Them All.
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Kgs David Kenedy
Kgs David Kenedy Vor 7 Minuten
Austin=And that's the bottom line cause Stone cold said so Rocky= If ya smell what the rock is cooking Batista= GIVE ME WHAT I WANT YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT GIVE ME WHAT I WANT GIVE ME WHAT I WANT GIVE IT TO ME GIVE ME WHAT I WANT GIVE IT TO ME
ddbot12 Vor 40 Minuten
That was acted veeeeeeeeeeeery poorly
Draco Shooter
Draco Shooter Vor Stunde
Batisa vs triple h and daniel vs kofi (hopefully) Damn this years wrestle mania is gonna be good. Haven't watched a full show of raw or smackdown in years but this is gonna make me come back
Nasif Ali
Nasif Ali Vor Stunde
What a crybaby show!!!
kyril 1217
kyril 1217 Vor Stunde
Batista in Tantrums
D Jack20
D Jack20 Vor 2 Stunden
Mike Warner
Mike Warner Vor 4 Stunden
My god I miss the attitude era. 😴
Mike Werley
Mike Werley Vor 5 Stunden
Wow I wonder who is going to win this match? Triple H may as well just bring the shovel to the ring with him. It's his favorite weapon.
HEYDuDE607 Vor 6 Stunden
Sound like a gay couple
ash unknown
ash unknown Vor 7 Stunden
hhh will win end of story with a sledge hammer end of match bye bye... waste money you knoe the winner when comes to hhh
birkaran gill
birkaran gill Vor 8 Stunden
I'm watching steroid fueled bodybuilders Wtf.
DaveOnDeck Vor 8 Stunden
Drax looks very angry
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi Vor 8 Stunden
Dean Holzapfel
Dean Holzapfel Vor 9 Stunden
No holds barred may be an excuse for HHH to wear a shirt since he looks super small (obviously from the injury) in a few pics Steph as put up. Still looking forward to it.
georgia waters
georgia waters Vor 9 Stunden
jobbers future WWE stars
CrazyAlps Vor 10 Stunden
Kratos vs Drax! 😁 Low key missed these guys...they really are my childhood from the early 2000s.
ABG Z NSR TV Vor 10 Stunden
Lame skrip
Balaji mandadi
Balaji mandadi Vor 10 Stunden
One of the funniest script ever😂
Jeremiah Young
Jeremiah Young Vor 11 Stunden
They can throw both of those mics in the trash, Batista straight drowned his in spit and H was French kissing his half the time he talked
Jeremiah Young
Jeremiah Young Vor 11 Stunden
I haven’t watched WWE in like 4 months so this whole argument sounds hilarious 😂. I’m sitting here the whole time wondering what he wants
Medical StudyBuddy
Medical StudyBuddy Vor 11 Stunden
3:35 if you want to know what he wants
abdi badal
abdi badal Vor 13 Stunden
Fun Fact: Triple H has had the Leather jacket since 1998. Legit truth
Jason Thomas Biggs
Jason Thomas Biggs Vor 14 Stunden
Bad storyline just hope the match at wrestlemania as good and not as bad as the storyline.
SRETRODUDE Vor 14 Stunden
Who's watching after Kurt chose Corbin?
OCSJC :. Vor 17 Stunden
That was gay
Charlie Iglesias
Charlie Iglesias Vor 19 Stunden
You know why dave do this? Because triple H NEVER GIVE HER A CHANCE TO COMPETE IN ANY CHAMPIONSHIP. But srs ric flair dont deserve that
Crippler Assassin
Crippler Assassin Vor 19 Stunden
I was mad when he quit in 2010
Iron Mike
Iron Mike Vor 21 Stunde
*WHy iS gAM0ra?!*
Officer Gilbert Kerem bürsin
Officer Gilbert Kerem bürsin Vor 21 Stunde
Triple h looks like kratos in God of war 4 🤔
Mel Mel
Mel Mel Vor 21 Stunde
This was so anticlimactic, this is not what I want.
Mel Mel
Mel Mel Vor 21 Stunde
Do we really need this match?
The Critic
The Critic Vor 22 Stunden
GiVe Me WhAt I wAnT¡!
Rafael Morales
Rafael Morales Vor 22 Stunden
He should go back to his old theme at wrestle mania and grow out his hair would be satisfying
Dylan Rugama
Dylan Rugama Vor 23 Stunden
And here I was thinking Drax went invisible, he went back to WWE.
Sports Dawg101
Sports Dawg101 Vor 23 Stunden
HHH u ain't gonna beat nothing but time on the mic!
Chris Steward
Chris Steward Vor 23 Stunden
And make it in a cage surrounded by barb wire and set on fire.
Krzysztof Soltys
Krzysztof Soltys Vor Tag
He spits so much when he talks , did any know this
Krzysztof Soltys
Krzysztof Soltys Vor Tag
Middle Forehead
Middle Forehead Vor Tag
Grandfathers still playing a kids game
The Texas Chainsaw
The Texas Chainsaw Vor Tag
So predictable hhh will win
Crazy Enough85
Crazy Enough85 Vor Tag
Always bringing back Batista and The Rock this show really boring af
Joshman 17
Joshman 17 Vor Tag
If he wants to end his career at wrestlemania does that mean Batista doesn't want to be WWE world champion anymore?
Fabio Orlando
Fabio Orlando Vor Tag
"I Walk Alone", Batista's theme song, performed by SALIVA... one of its lines says: "...i guess i'll have to chew them on and spit them out!..." … well, it all makes sense now
fw fortnite
fw fortnite Vor Tag
RCStreamz Vor Tag
Never thought that in a million years that Batista would show up on RAW in a blazer.
Julian Sam Sinclair
Julian Sam Sinclair Vor Tag
This sounds like my dad and brother arguing. “Give me what I want!!!”
S N I P E R Vor Tag
Instagram me sniper___9.1.1
RCStreamz Vor Tag
Batista: "I see's killing you". This must've been about when Triple H became corporate and became COO. Just like Kevin Nash. Anyone else agree?
Fridays with Jason Vorhees
Fridays with Jason Vorhees Vor Tag
GiVe Me WhAt I WaNt
Michael Chua
Michael Chua Vor Tag
Give me what I want, or I will continue to spit people that you love!
Michael Chua
Michael Chua Vor Tag
Battle of midlife crisis!
Michael Chua
Michael Chua Vor Tag
Drax and the nova corps!
Michael Chua
Michael Chua Vor Tag
I walk with Groot.
dispinoylovzyou Vor Tag
Hhh looks confused... hhh doesn't know what bastista want...
Asif Islam
Asif Islam Vor Tag
And on that day...a new meme was born
smurf 1331534
smurf 1331534 Vor Tag
WWE is making Batista a bad person
Alif Najmi
Alif Najmi Vor Tag
*Batista yelling to Triple H to give him what he's wants but I think that he's just busting on his balls when Triple H says that he's got a match at Wrestlemania 35 with his own terms*
Alif Najmi
Alif Najmi Vor Tag
*Batista came out here looks like a mafia boss who tries to get what he wants*
satish kumar
satish kumar Vor Tag
Brock vs batista
Clint Brigoli
Clint Brigoli Vor Tag
Batista vs triple h No holds barred and False count anywhere.
Harsh Tyagi
Harsh Tyagi Vor Tag
*Entrance song is I walk Alone* *Comes with security guards*
The All Seeing Cat
The All Seeing Cat Vor Tag
This is how desperate men are towards women's attention.
The All Seeing Cat
The All Seeing Cat Vor Tag
This is hilarious.
king Cordoba
king Cordoba Vor Tag
He should if gone in the ring and fight but no he wants WrestleMania
Jcee Vor Tag
Legend says Batista is still saying GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!
skullgamez Vor Tag
Sting is here
Peter Sanchez
Peter Sanchez Vor Tag
Spoliler alert...Drax the Destroyer came back from the snap
skullgamez Vor Tag
Time triple h gives up he's getting a bit too old 👴
ahmad mustafa
ahmad mustafa Vor Tag
Search on youtube --> My brothers wife is very lonely ishihara satomi
Alexes Money
Alexes Money Vor Tag
Alexes Money
Alexes Money Vor Tag
Go on Batista he's my favourite of this match
Kristy Facer
Kristy Facer Vor Tag
Paul Khoshaba
Paul Khoshaba Vor Tag
That was anti-climactic
Dhivya Antony
Dhivya Antony Vor Tag
This is animated 🎥
Elson hek
Elson hek Vor Tag
H gon give it to ya!!!!!
MrRiddler6 Vor Tag
long story short of the promo Batista - Give me what i want , triple h-get in this get in this ring, Batista- give me what i want
baryrex29 gaming
baryrex29 gaming Vor Tag
So Batista will have his last match?
David Dale
David Dale Vor Tag
Triple H is going to destroy Batista at Wrestlemania 35
Lakota Cherokee
Lakota Cherokee Vor Tag
So much unessceary stress these guys put them selves through.
Why is dave spiting.
Tally Man
Tally Man Vor Tag
The writing is what sucks. Just like Crown Jewel . This mystery beef comes out of know where. Of course it's Wwe Legends beefing. In attempts to make a buck. They continue to tarnish the product. This makes them look like they are scrambling, almost desperate. Then the head line of the show is two guys who are really retired. It keep's you in the same situation. Eventually you run out of attitude/ruthless aggression legends. However you put legends over your current youthful roster. Basically cutting your legs from underneath you. The King of the Ring was where stars was created. Go back to your original sauce.
Tally Man
Tally Man Vor Tag
Wwe sucks I'm sorry
The comment jus..... Im done with y'all 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jimmy two Times
Jimmy two Times Vor Tag
3:16 James Gunn 3:58 Disney
Stumme-40203 Vor Tag
I was hoping J&J security would come out
Richard Monplaisir
Richard Monplaisir Vor Tag
This is so cringy lol 😂😂😂😂
nazir ahmed
nazir ahmed Vor 2 Tage
Batistas also been asking for a WWE title match that HHH owed him and Randy Orton after they took out The Shield
ryan hanselmann
ryan hanselmann Vor 2 Tage
This is like a kid begging for gum at school
Michael Fuoco
Michael Fuoco Vor 2 Tage
Let’s go triple h you are the best
Rucci Reacts
Rucci Reacts Vor 2 Tage
Batista Better win that match at WrestleMania
Te’Aaron Woodard
Te’Aaron Woodard Vor 2 Tage
Te’Aaron Woodard
Te’Aaron Woodard Vor 2 Tage
DRZ23 Vor 2 Tage
Shebat Mohamed
Shebat Mohamed Vor 2 Tage
What a serious tantrum..
Wong Shaun
Wong Shaun Vor 2 Tage
Batista: “GIVE ME WHAT I WANT” *spitting* Mic: This ain’t what I want...
Pinoy 14
Pinoy 14 Vor 2 Tage
Where does triple H long hair go?
Bryan Collier
Bryan Collier Vor 2 Tage
Remember: All of us at one point tried to spit water like Triple H
Ancient WillTM
Ancient WillTM Vor 22 Stunden
+Bryan Collier 😂😂
Bryan Collier
Bryan Collier Vor Tag
+Ancient WillTM I did it in the shower😂😂😂😂😂
Andre Williams
Andre Williams Vor Tag
Random: Always wondered if Road Dogg started that or did Triple H.
Ancient WillTM
Ancient WillTM Vor Tag
😂😂I tried doing it some time ago. I successfully performed it when there was a bit of water left in the bottle. I cried as I wasted beautiful water.
Ambition ✔
Ambition ✔ Vor 2 Tage
This woulda been an epic Wrestlemania Match if it happened in 2007 lmao
OCSJC :. Vor 17 Stunden
Lol more like 06
Mel Mel
Mel Mel Vor 21 Stunde
Ambition ✔ facts
Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja Vor 2 Tage
Didn’t Batista always defeated triple h? Maybe triple h might have better chance to defeat Batista for the 1st time
universallaw29 Vor Tag
Yes they already had a wrestlmania match and Dave beat Hunter twice
Steve McCord
Steve McCord Vor 2 Tage
I.......I think I have Dave Batista's spit on me.....
xreaL Vor 2 Tage
I don't even want to think about the guy who has to clean Batista's mic. xd
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