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Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching and for supporting! I LOVE YOU!! ❤️❤️
Snapchat @lexxxlieee
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El Paso, TX 79997
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Marisela Flores
Marisela Flores Vor 15 Stunden
My favorite is the Mango Dragonfruit, iced green tea matcha latte, caramel mocha frappuccino, iced caramel macchiato, and vanilla bean frappuccino. 😍 just like that nothing extra
Simply Jazmin
Simply Jazmin Vor 22 Stunden
If you are into simple drinks I recommend a Hazelnut Frappuccino! :) It's really good!
Bianca Carrizales
Bianca Carrizales Vor Tag
I died when les said " it kinda tasted like ass "😂😂😂😂
Berenice Martinez
Berenice Martinez Vor 2 Tage
He’s like you need to hurry up lol
Yvonne Herrera-Gonzales
Yvonne Herrera-Gonzales Vor 2 Tage
Rachel Orellana
Rachel Orellana Vor 3 Tage
I tried ordering the strawberry frappe with frappe chips and the banana and they didn’t know what I was talking about😒🥺
J B Vor 3 Tage
Les: “Say sorry” Alex: “sorry” Así lo trai les 😉😉🤣
L H Vor 3 Tage
nobody: neta nobody: Alex: 0:01
Angie Vor 3 Tage
L🤣L omg girl you talk so fast.
Sammi Love
Sammi Love Vor 3 Tage
Omg u guys are couple goals fr lol so funny and cute!
Jennifer Arciniega
Jennifer Arciniega Vor 4 Tage
Quien sabe que chingaos😂😂😂
Ruth H
Ruth H Vor 4 Tage
This has been the 1st video I didn’t like, sorry babygirl. But if you aren’t a coffee drinker it wasn’t the best content. Do a taste test or something you both enjoy and like. Would love to see you all LOVE what you’re testing. This one was just not good.
The ZAVALA'S Vor 5 Tage
Pink drink has caffeine in it. I just found out and I’m pregnant. I felt so bad :( but I stopped and we are good now :)
Nina Ganja
Nina Ganja Vor 6 Tage
Lmfao watch 16:25 16:35 lmfao
Nina Ganja
Nina Ganja Vor 6 Tage
She's so hyper lmfao
Stephanie Rincon
Stephanie Rincon Vor 6 Tage
Alex is like “hurry up with the talking” 🤣🤣🤣 hes been staring at that same frappe since the beginning, like very impatient🤣🤣
Stephanie Rincon
Stephanie Rincon Vor 6 Tage
Alex has been staring at that same frappe since the beginning lmaoooo
Josie’s Life
Josie’s Life Vor 6 Tage
Love the dragon fruit one ♥️
Maui Morales
Maui Morales Vor 6 Tage
The camera loves alex. The makeup loves leslie. The baby coming soon is gonna be loved by everyone! 💘
Daniela Loredo
Daniela Loredo Vor 7 Tage
Les:talking Alex:hurry up just try it Les:about to drink and then talks again 🤣🤣🤣
Cristina Flores
Cristina Flores Vor 7 Tage
Wow... you talk fast! 🤣🤣 Those drinks look yummy!
Vivi Hernandez
Vivi Hernandez Vor 7 Tage
Alex, try two shots of espresso over ice in a venti cup with two pumps of white mocha and the milk of your choice I usually do half and half... so good!
Grecia Santos
Grecia Santos Vor 7 Tage
How about baby food challenge???? That will be interesting
RayShell Beauty
RayShell Beauty Vor 7 Tage
Omg 😭😂 I can relate! My first Starbucks was when I was 18, it was too fancy for me 😂
Josephine Hernandez
Josephine Hernandez Vor 8 Tage
Les: “say sorry” Alex: “sorry” Lmao I love y’all! 😩 please be my friends lol
Josephine Hernandez
Josephine Hernandez Vor 8 Tage
Yes next year do a beer tasting and a wine tasting!
Josephine Hernandez
Josephine Hernandez Vor 8 Tage
Les, Fun fact: 😉 If you plan on breastfeeding the pink drink helps with your milk supply. The coconut milk in the drink helps you produce more. ☺️
Lupita Sanchez
Lupita Sanchez Vor 8 Tage
Said sorry 😂😂😂😂
Esmes Makeup Beauty Page
Esmes Makeup Beauty Page Vor 9 Tage
Les: say sorry Alex: sorry Lmao so funny and cute 😂😂😂😂
Vanessa Saldana
Vanessa Saldana Vor 9 Tage
He said "ill read it " lmaoooo im leslie tbh 😂😂😂😂 that was nice of you guys to pay for everyone someone did that for me once and honestly its a rlly nice gesture!
Kayla M
Kayla M Vor 9 Tage
(I’m late, sorry!!) You should try the double chocolate chip frap sub white mocha!! It’s not as chocolatey but still soo good. I discovered you guys yesterday and I’m loving your videos❣️
Kayla M
Kayla M Vor 9 Tage
Also, I’m pregnant with a baby boy too & im due December 5th, we’re so close!! Congrats💙🤰🏽
amandaa0420 Vor 9 Tage
She talks tooooo much
The Basic Family
The Basic Family Vor 10 Tage
Is it me or one of her ears look like elf ear! Her left but our right side???she has two different ears
tstimeline Vor 10 Tage
“I like it, it makes me feisty” 😂
Kelly Zaragoza
Kelly Zaragoza Vor 10 Tage
I loveeee your personality!!! 😀😂 new subscriber 😁
Zaide Garcia
Zaide Garcia Vor 10 Tage
Yessssss beeeerrrrrr!!! Lol modelo chelada! 🤤🤤
Samantha Saenz
Samantha Saenz Vor 10 Tage
You should try the vanilla bean frappe
Ashley Gonzalez
Ashley Gonzalez Vor 11 Tage
Omg I keep refreshing the page I’m so excited for her gender reveal I made my self some soup so I can watch and eat🥰😂❤️
Laura Vergara
Laura Vergara Vor 11 Tage
Missy Love
Missy Love Vor 11 Tage
You mentioned in a previous video a coffee Alex drinks, i tried it and it’s bomb AF. My new favorite! Vanilla sweet cream cold brew. 💕 You guys are amazing and the cutest couple 😍
Maria Duarte
Maria Duarte Vor 11 Tage
Whyd we waste like 10 straws when you have the reusable ones 🥺 no hate whatsoever nothing but much love for you guys ,congrats on the baby💕
Maria Duarte
Maria Duarte Vor 10 Tage
If that's the case the flavor stays in reusable straw ,metal and other eco friendly straws?? @WTXKING
WTXKING Vor 10 Tage
Because the flavor stays in the straws
Mike Powell
Mike Powell Vor 11 Tage
all their coffee starts with the basic feces latte.
Maria Pelayo
Maria Pelayo Vor 11 Tage
The first one you can get with caffeine it’s called java chip frapp. I order double chocolate at night when I don’t want caffeine
Mona Guerrero
Mona Guerrero Vor 11 Tage
My daughter did her first food tasting go check her out she’s silly
Pond Jumper
Pond Jumper Vor 11 Tage
cjr1881 Vor 11 Tage
Big tits. Annoying bitch.
veronica buentello
veronica buentello Vor 11 Tage
Hey Les in one of your videos you mentioned you draw in your hairline. What is the products name? I need to try!!
kr7kr Vor 11 Tage
Do Starbucks coffee enemas and post close ups of them going in plus facial reactions.
Alma Arr
Alma Arr Vor 12 Tage
Lmao I was seriously thinking the same thing as Alex in the beginning, they’re all gonna melt! Lol
mark smith
mark smith Vor 12 Tage
Liberal POS company.
Michael Swift
Michael Swift Vor 13 Tage
Starbucks sucks.
ツPΣΣΠ Vor 13 Tage
Does she ever stfu 🤐
Vanessa Ávila
Vanessa Ávila Vor 13 Tage
Les: “ strawberry a-kai “ Alex: “açai” Les: “Keske a-kai “
Ian Farquhar
Ian Farquhar Vor 13 Tage
Did someone say "Beer Tasting?" Sapporo #1
925Warbot Vor 13 Tage
Ahh like. Yes like Like like like
daisy ruiz
daisy ruiz Vor 14 Tage
If you see this tell Alex to try the Espresso frap! It’s so good!! It’s not super sweet and has coffee. Or 2 shots over ice in a grande cup with half and half and 2 pumps white mocha. Not too sweet has more coffee that sweet! 😊
nesurr derr
nesurr derr Vor 14 Tage
Iced caramel macchiato with 2 extra shots! YUM! I LOVE COFFEE 🙌🤓🤗
Prima Momo
Prima Momo Vor 14 Tage
La pink drink también sabe a medicina tbh
Lorena Valenzuela
Lorena Valenzuela Vor 14 Tage
Im with Alex I hate fraps!!
Arlis Perez
Arlis Perez Vor 14 Tage
Dawud Charlton
Dawud Charlton Vor 14 Tage
Easy fap , gave a like
Maria Mayorga
Maria Mayorga Vor 15 Tage
Breweries would be great for beer tasting! Does El Paso have them? If so you should make a video of that!
Carolina Vor 15 Tage
WTF are "frappe chips"?
Irma Gonzalez
Irma Gonzalez Vor 15 Tage
Iced chai latte ...My fave!
juanita Lopez
juanita Lopez Vor 15 Tage
Les please heart this so I can have an ahhhhh 😱😱😁😁😊🤗 moment over here 👏❤️ Love you babygirl! 😍
Bloodiamondeyes Vor 15 Tage
it's crazy to think that people have different taste buds. with one person saying something is the best thing they have ever tasted. and with another person saying it's the worst thing they've tasted. if you really think about it. it's crazy.
Ana Diaz
Ana Diaz Vor 15 Tage
I love how he’s always hurrying you up cuz you talk too much lmao he reminds me of my husband cuz I’m the same way girl !!! It’s a Latina thing 😂
Mari Contreras
Mari Contreras Vor 15 Tage
They don’t look good bc she talks to damn much 😂😂
Ashley Vazquez
Ashley Vazquez Vor 15 Tage
Lmaoo Im just like ur bf so simple ice coffee wit 2 creams 2 sugars 🤣
John Allen Lauridsen Jr.
John Allen Lauridsen Jr. Vor 15 Tage
How fucking retarded
diosa de la luna
diosa de la luna Vor 15 Tage
all those plastic straws and cups :( #savetheocean
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